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Product Details


Model :Laser Cutter with Projection CMA1610-XEQ-A CMA1508-EXQ-A

Brand :Yueming

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1. Adopting the motion structure with four electrical laser heads on a single beam , which improving the processing efficiency greatly.

2. Reinforced honeycomb worktable and blade worktable is optional per the material. 

3. High rigidity sheet body by bending and welding . Han’s Yueming patented moving system . Ensuring the stable working of the machine.

4. Han’s Yueming patented cutting software with projection positioning function and revising function for projected image .Translation and rotation to processing object is available . customization is highly welcome.

5. Han’s Yueming patented projection positioning system effectively satisfy the automatic cutting requirement for the clothing industry and the shoe-making industry.


Technical Parameter

Model CMA1610-XEQ-A CMA1508-XEQ-A
Working size (mm) 1600*950  1500*800
Working Dimension (mm) 2200*1690*2600 2110*1598*1140
Laser power (W) 80-130 60-130
Speed 0-30 m/min
Work environment

Clean, less dustTemp:5-40℃, Humidity:5%-80%

Power supply  220-240V, 50/60Hz
Total Power (W) ≤5000 ≤3700
Gross weight (KG) ≤450 400